Not too long ago, I was finally introduced to a portable airbrush system that actually works, is cordless, tidy, and reliable. And it holds a charge longer than 5 minutes. Yep, a portable airbrush makeup kit that I suspect you could do almost any last-minute touches with.

And bring it to set all day without worrying about re-charging it.

And keep it at your makeup station for those unexpected tattoo cover jobs.

And paint prosthetic makeups with it if you forget to bring your large compressor to a gig.

AND take the place of that dear old spray system you’ve used all these years but never really mastered or used to its full potential?

So I know, about now you’re thinking, “Such a thing doesn’t exist!”

But it does.

You see, this portable airbrush/compressor combo is unique.


It’s unique because it provides you with more than the standard 15psi that most units this size offer.

And that’s a lot for something that doesn’t need to be plugged in to operate (once fully charged). Honestly, I never DONT travel to work without this.

Well, there was one time very recently when I had to leave my makeup with another artist, and kept the airbrush in my set kit til they wrapped for the day.

And because I didn’t see that artist for some time after that day, well, I just bought another one. They’re that valuable in your kit.

Okay. So I know, you want to see it. You want to know the brand. All the info.

Well, here it is.


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The Autolock Upgraded Airbrush Kit With Compressor

The Autolock Upgraded Airbrush Kit with Compressor


Dual Action

Please don’t be put off by this if you are a beginner with the airbrush. This model is incredibly user-friendly and easy to grasp if a dual-action trigger is something new to you. In fact, dare I say, this is a great jumping-off point for my newbie double-action airbrush friends to get a feel for a double-action airbrush.

For those who may not be aware what that means, I’ll try to describe it for you simply:

The trigger has an up/down button motion (which is your air pressure) and a pull-back motion (which is your product flow). Essentially, the further you push down the more air pressure will be forced through your airbrush (and vice-versa) and the further you pull back the trigger, the more product will be allowed to flow through the airbrush.

Airbrushing really does take a light-touch to master effectively.


Solid Air Pressure

As I mentioned earlier, this airbrush features a psi (pounds per square inch) of between 20-27. If this sounds like gobbledygook to you, what this means is that this airbrush is more powerful than the small desktop versions that always look really pretty, but make your water-thin products feel like mud going through your airbrush.

This one has enough oomph to spray your alcohol-based inks, foundations of the right consistency, and water-based makeup.

If you do intend on using acrylic paint through this airbrush, you will need to dilute it with water and/or a mixing medium to give it the right viscosity for airbrushing.


My Brand New Autolock Airbrush System


Fast Charging

This Autolock system (no, it’s not a car-theft-protection unit, ha!) charges very quickly with the new thunderbolt cable your latest electrical products may be sporting. This means it’s going to charge very quickly, which is always a plus.


Long Working Time

When fully charged, this little beauty will work for 1-2 hours in total. This surpasses its competitors by almost double the working time on a full charge.



YES – you read it correctly. This unit is cordless. No airbrush hoses to collect water, or get in the way, trip you up or knock everything over on your makeup station when you go to pick it up.

It’s a compact, tidy, all-in-one. And sits in the hand with ease.


1 Year Warranty

If you read the small print in the product info, the retailers offer a 1-year warranty so if you have any issues, you can reach out through the retailer info and look into setting this up.



Another reason this is a great avenue to go down if you are new to airbrushing or just getting a feel for it with makeup too. Primarily because you won’t be sinking hundreds of dollars into your first airbrush with this.

Sounds great right?

Find the Autolock Portable Airbrush System here.


What’s in the Box? Here’s all that comes with your new portable airbrush makeup system.


What do you think? Do you use this airbrush at all? Love it? Comment below and let me know what you think!


Featured Image by Alex Germany

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