Women and men use makeup everyday. To accentuate their most beloved features, and to cover up, camouflage or just plain hide their least desired traits. For a lot of us, makeup is more than just a tool, it is a ritual and it is vital!

Ask anyone who wears it, and no doubt they will all have their favorite, go-to product that they can’t live without!

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Aside from helping us feel great when we walk out our front doors, makeup really does provide something of a safety net as to helping us face the world and solving our own facial issues.

It is commonplace nowadays that those issues simply be snipped, filled, tucked or lifted out of our lives. But with makeup, the approach is far less invasive, lower-risk and cost-effective than any surgery or medical procedure. And for a lot of us, invasive surgery just isn’t a feasible solution.

artistic eye makeup
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Makeup is really an ample solution to enhance and shape our faces. And it just takes following some basic principles of light and you can transform the shapes and angles of your face with ease. I think this is part of the reason I love makeup – it is really a wonderful way to transform your face and frame of mind in one!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to chat with Sandy Taylor at Foundation Fairy about how makeup can assist you if you are looking to widen your eye appearance. Feel free to see what my tips were on Foundation Fairy’s website.

Until then, keep making up!!!

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