We’re taking a break from the heavy hygiene posts, and the likes this week. I thought it might be nice to do a little delve into my latest makeup kit must-haves.

Time to take a step back, sit back, relax, and let me show you the newest additions to my set kit.

Some of these new discoveries I have made, others have been recommended to me.

I hope you make some new discoveries, too.

Here goes!


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1. Portable Airbrush and Compressor

Autolock Upgraded Airbrush Kit

Oh boy. Yet another INCREDIBLE product from Amazon that methinks I was a little late getting to the party for.

But nevertheless, I made it.

This is a wonder airbrush! It basically does the work of at least 75% of my airbrushing needs in the makeup trailer these days.

From covering tattoos to beauty makeup (dare I say I would use it with my Temptu products, or MAC Airbrush makeup, as well!), to alcohol-activated makeup. I even know hair designers and stylists that rely big time on these beauties to change the tone of hair or wigs on their actors.

Is there anything it can’t do?

I love this system. And it most definitely sits proudly atop of my makeup station and will continue to do so and EVERY JOB I DO. If you haven’t had a tinker with one yet, please check it out. Very reasonably priced as well, considering you get the compressed air source as well.

Find the Autolock Upgraded Airbrush Kit here.



2. Peter Thomas Roth Max Matte Sunscreen SPF 45

Peter Thomas Roth Max Matte Shine Control SPF 45

I tried this last year on a little pirate series I worked on 🏴‍☠️ and have now added it full-time. Not only to my makeup kit but my set kit as well.

PTR Max Matte Shine Control goes on like your favorite moisturizer. Light, hydrating, but quick absorbing. And the fun doesn’t end there! It’s a fab SPF that doesn’t look like UV makeup or leave the blue/white cast that noone ever strives for. Ever!

Makeup goes on top of it really easily, and it’s nice and compact for your set kit. Love it.

Find Peter Thomas Roth Max Matte Shine Control SPF 45 here.


3. Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder in Translucent

Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder in Translucent

These are so great for on-set touch-ups for blokes. The perfect replacement for the hard-to-come-by fan fave of mine – the Blk Opal pressed powder, which I also adore!!!

Be sure to take a teeny tiny (not creepy at all) whiff of this pressed powder from yesteryear as it literally transports you back in time. They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, well this powder definitely ain’t broke.

Creme Puff has a super-fine grain powder finish that is undetectable on the most discerning digital camera, I even used this on an IMAX project in recent times.

But more importantly, what it does so well, that so few complexions makeups in general provide, is that pinkness that is present in Caucasian men and their underlying complexions.

I might even talk about this separately at some point. I still feel, that despite the massive amount of products available on the market (and let’s STILL not deny the seeming lack of perfect dark skin-toned pressed powders around…..) there are very few makeup products that have that perfect amount of pink/red undertone in them – making them perfect for men.

Do I hear a product line a’calling? Perhaps.

In the meantime, we have Creme Puff. Check it out. You’ll love it. And I haven’t even divulged the price yet!

Find Max Factor Creme Puff in Translucent here.


4. Mickey Kleenex Go Anywhere Tissue Pack (that doesn’t require an Origami degree to open!)

Mickey Mouse Kleenex

Technically, this isn’t an altogether new addition to my kit, more of a revisit. I was first introduced to these beauties a few years ago – shout out to Kim Ayers – thanks, lady!

Aside from being Mickey-themed, and providing a little light-hearted interest to your tissue dispensing, these are great packs to use at work, on set, at home. Everywhere.

The reason I love these packs so much, is that not only they have a convenient strap that you can easily loop through any makeup bag. Mickey Mouse Go-Anywhere Kleenex are a little larger than the ridiculously teeny 4-tissue soft packs that I find infuriating at the best of times.

When I use these, either the little sticky tab tears off the first time you open them. This results in the next tissue being exposed and then instantly getting dirty and unhygienic. So there goes your second tissue. Leaves you with two, I think. Ugh. And there’s a pack gone. Too fiddly for my impatient mind (and hands) to contend with.

The Mickey Kleenex are larger, have a proper solid opening that makes dispensing a breeze and they hold more than a couple of tissues.

Perfect for actor bags, or your own personal makeup set bag or kit.

Find Mickey Mouse Kleenex here.


5. Safetec Lip Balm Single Use Packs

Safetec Lip Balm

While my inner voice screams about trying to avoid single-use products, you know saving the planet and all. These are, however, incredibly useful lip balm packs when you have large background numbers to contend with.

Or if you do bridal work and want to give the kids a little something, or the gents, or relatives to take with them for the day.

Especially at this point in time, these have become permanent residents in my on-set kit at work 100%.

Find Safetec Lip Balm Single Use Packs in Pomegranate here.



6. Arcona Magic Dry Ice Ultra Daily Hydrator

moisturiser bottle
Arcona Magic Dry Ice

Arcona is an LA-based skincare brand.

I was recently introduced to this incredible range and have since fallen in love with every product I have used from them.

But my favorite is the magic Dry Ice Daily Hydrator.

It goes on lightly and is quick absorbing. Perfect for those extra dry-skin clients we have that you need to get their skin “fixed” in an instant.

Arcona uses plant-derived ingredients and it definitely feels like its products are made with all the love and care that a boutique brand can offer.

Find Arcona Magic Dry Ice Daily Hydrator here.


7. Doterra Peppermint Essential Oil Beadlets

Doterra Peppermint Essential Oil Beadlets

Again, more of a revisit after being introduced to these little gems a few years ago. Thanks, Mo – I still think of you when I pop these bad boys!

I’m thrilled to have them back in my set kit and on my makeup station. Due in no small part, to an actor recently showing up after lunch with a blue tongue 😭 after eating those Listermint Clear Tabs……so word of warning, folks, keep an eye out on the minty things your actors consume!

Find Doterra Peppermint Essential Oil Beadlets here.


8. Relavel Makeup Case

Relavel Small Makeup Case

After my last kit overhaul, I decided to re-think my BG day checking kit.

If your work in makeup is bridal, or events, or even fashion, you might not be very familiar with the term. So to give you the Reader’s Digest version: a day-checker is generally hired to come a long and help make up background performers or if there is a large cast playing on a particular day.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this sort of work for a large chunk of time, but I wanted to have a compact, yet organized kit ready to go for when the time comes again.

One of the less appealing aspects of day-checking is that you’re usually in different places each day. This means that you pack up your gear and transport it with you each day wherever you go. Hence why my goal is to go as minimal and compact as is humanly possible.

Well, I think I have achieved that with this case. It’s pretty teeny – and I’m thrilled. I love this case, I love my day checking set-up and can’t wait to put it to good use.
It’s also a great starter makeup kit as well.

I may well talk about it in it’s own post coming up, I’m just so excited by this new revelation – or should I call it a “Re-la-vel-ation!”

Find Relavel Small Makeup Case here.



9. Wheat Straw Reusable Cutlery Set

Okay, I know this isn’t literally a makeup product, but nevertheless, I am TORTURED by the amount of waste that occurs daily on film sets. From single-use coffee cups and lids to straws, the plastic food containers, but the big one for me, is those plastic cutlery sets. All then wrapped inside yet another plastic wrapper.

Here’s a big way you can do your little part in saving the amount of waste you produce each day.

I love that this set is lightweight, and comes in its own easy-to-look-after container (that also doubles as a good on-set brush holder!) and there’s 4 in the set. So why not give one away to another makeup artist that you know feels the same and wants to minimize waste at work each day?

Sure, you’re not going to do much damage on a medium-well t-bone, but these beauties will see you through most of your catering needs at work for sure.

Find the Wheat Straw Cutlery Set here.



10. Hairdressing Barber Bag

Hairdressing Barber Bag

So I’ve been using this bag as my on-set kit since the beginning of 2022. In keeping with my minimizing theme, this is definitely the smallest set bag I have had in some time.

As mentioned above, it is actually a barber’s bag, so on the outside pockets, you’ll find many small, flat compartments, and sections for scissors. I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for sections in a bag! And this baby has plenty!

I also like that I can wear it on my should while I do last looks, if necessary (if you’re not sure what last looks mean, please DM me on Instagram, or email me and I’ll update you!)

And I also love that being a little more on the petite size means I can’t overload this bag. No more slopey shoulder for me. Or you!

It also looks stylish and clean in sleek black. I can’t recommend this bag enough.

Find the Hairdressing Barber Bag (for makeup artists too!) here.


11. Portable Hand Warmers

Ocoopa Rechargeable Portable Hand Warmers

These are so handy (OMG, somebody stop me!) to keep in your kit at all times. And particularly for those chilly night shoots or when you’re out in the elements or winter exterior shoot days. Just be sure to keep them charged at all times so you can keep yourself and your actors’ hands warm in between setups.

Find the Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmers here.

12. Bèsame Retractable Lip Brush

Bèsame’s Retractable Lip Brush

Once you’ve done a retractable lip brush, you’ll never go back. Seriously, it will change your life on set. Your makeup kits and actor bags will no longer have smears of lipstick all over them, as the ingenious retractable lip brush houses the brush bristles neatly inside the casing in between uses.

So easy to use, and so very convenient, and from one of my very favorite and special makeup brands, the one and only Bèsame.

Find the Bèsame Retractable Lip Brush here for 25% off!


Did you find something fab and new that you need for your set kit?

Go and grab it now! And please, if you enjoyed this read, would you do me a little favor? Please feel free to share this article with your on-set pals and help them make their kits more efficient and reliable! Plenty of goodies for all, right?

Featured Image by Pesce Huang

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  1. Thank you I found this very helpful. I’m purchasing the primer mattifier, lip balm and Mickey tissue ( for my obsessed Mickey loving sister)

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