When the weather starts to get warm, do you get excited for the opportunity to go spend time at the beach? What if you don’t live near an ocean? What if your skin is sensitive and acne-prone? Have no fear! There are plenty of other ways to experience all of the benefits that salt water has to offer for your skin.

Let’s take a look at 13 different benefits of saltwater for your skin in more detail.

Why is Sea Salt Good For Us? Whats in it?

Sea salt is made up of over 80 different minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc. Besides the obvious benefits of taking a nice refreshing dip in the ocean or swimming pool, there are many other ways to experience all of these natural health benefits for your skin without ever having to enter any water.

Sea salt is a natural way to heal your skin, freshen your breath, and reduce inflammation.

It’s best for oily or sensitive skin because it doesn’t irritate the delicate cells as other treatments might! It’s good for brittle nails too as well as skin. Sea salt will also help with dandruff and dry scalp.

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Defining Sea Salt and Salt Water

Sea salt is a natural mineral that has beneficial properties and can be used for cooking, in bath water, or even as a mouthwash. Saltwater is sea salt dissolved into water.

Healing the Skin From Infection

Saltwater is a good way to heal skin from infection. If you get an infection on your skin, pour salt water on it and let the healing process begin. It’s also good for oily skin in reducing sebum production. I love these sea salt q-tips! They are specifically designed for after-care for new piercings, but what a great quick-fix product to have around for cuts and things!

Baselabs Aftercare Sea Salt Qtips

Clears Acne

If you are suffering from acne, saltwater can help clear your skin. The minerals and trace elements in the saltwater will reduce inflammation and kill off bacteria, making it a perfect solution for clearing up breakouts! Plus, there’s no risk of irritation to sensitive or oil-prone skin like there is with topical acne treatments. This Dead Sea Mineral Soap is the perfect treatment for acne-prone skin, to gently heal and improve your skin’s condition.

One With Nature Dead Sea Mineral Soap

Natural Whitening of Teeth

If you’ve been looking for a natural way to whiten your teeth, salt water is the answer! The minerals in saltwater are excellent at removing plaque build-up and cleansing your teeth. 

Plus, there’s no risk of tooth sensitivity like with other kinds of toothpaste or whiteners. You can also use water and salt to brush your teeth, but the taste may be unpleasant. Look for sea salt toothpastes with a natural mint flavor like Tom’s.

Tom’s Sea Salt Anticavity Toothpaste

Natural Mouthwash

Sea salt is a natural way to freshen your breath after meals or prevent bad breath all day long. Swish with an ounce of warm salt water in order to get rid of that yucky mouth odor! You can add some lemon or clove for extra freshness. Check out Jason Sea Salt Mouthwash here!

Jason Total Protection Sea Salt Mouthwash

Good for Your Nails

Sea salt is great if you have nails that are brittle, prone to chipping and breaking or splitting into layers.

A soak in some warm water with a tablespoon of sea salt will help your nails stay strong and healthy by providing them with the minerals they need to grow. Check out this sea salt Nail Kit from Seacret to treat your nails and hands!

Seacret Minerals From the Dead Sea Nail Care Collection


Exfoliation for Your Face

Salt water is a natural exfoliator. When you use salt water or a sea salt scrub to wash your face, it will remove any dead skin cells and cause your skin to feel softer, smoother, and more supple. It will also help reduce oil in the skin.

Derma-E Essentials Citrus Oil Blend and Dead Sea Scrub


Sea Salt-Based Facial Toner

Saltwater can be used as a toner for your skin. This helps to reduce oil and inflammation in the face while tightening up pores. You can use a sea salt toner after washing your face or before using any other treatments like moisturizer, clay masks etc.

Somaluxe Sea Salt and Bee Pollen Mineral Facial Toner


Scalp Treatment for Dandruff

Salt water is a natural hair treatment for people who suffer from dandruff. Our scalps can be sensitive and dry, so the minerals in salt water will help soften it up while also regulating oil production. Using sea salt in your hair products can be a dramatic help for those of us that experience dandruff or build up in our scalps and hair. Check out this Sea Salt Scrub from Davines if you’re looking for a sea salt hair scrub.

Davine’s SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

Facial Mask

You can make your own facial mask with some sea salt! For this, you’ll need about one tablespoon of sea salt, one teaspoon of honey, and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients together to form a paste before applying it to your skin. Leave on for about ten minutes. Then rinse well with warm water and follow up with a moisturizer.

Or if you’re short on prep time, check out these best sellers on Amazon.

Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mask

The Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mask is a detoxifying and cleansing mask that sounds like the perfect excuse to apply and lie back and relax! With over 7,000 reviews on Amazon, how can you go wrong?

Find Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask here!


Superfood Marine Clay Mask

Check out this 100% Vegan clay mask from Plantifique for a supercharge of hydration and purifying your skin. It contains over 7 different herbs, avocado and of course, dead sea salt to give your skin the love it needs!

Find Plantifique Superfood Marine Clay Mask here!

Best Beach Hair Ever

Ever noticed how your hair looks great after a dip in the sea? Saltwater does that. It gives your hair instant texture and vibrancy.

Saltwater is also great at removing build-up from the chlorine that has dried out your hair over time!

Add some sea salt into your shampoo or conditioner and wash your hair as usual. This will give you that fresh, summery look with the added benefits of sea salt for treating dry scalp or dandruff.

I love Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray if you can’t get to the beach for the real thing!

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

De-Puff Your Eyes

Salt water can help de-puff tired eyes because it’s naturally anti-inflammatory. For a quick fix before heading out to work in the morning, soak a washcloth in saltwater and place it on your eyes for about ten minutes before removing. This will cool down the blood vessels that are causing those dreaded bags and ultimately revive tired eyes!

Check out this Eye Cream from Rivage. They specialize in Dead Sea Salt beauty products and if de-puffing is your game, look no further!

Rivage Dead Sea Minerals Eye Cream

Reduce Oil in Your Skin

Sea salt is perfect to use if you’re trying to reduce sebum production or get rid of oil from your skin because it’s naturally anti-inflammatory. You can also add some sea salt to your exfoliant or use a few drops in the shower for an extra cleansing kick!

When you put sea salt on your face, it will reduce oil production and inflammation while tightening up pores. You can use this before any other treatments like moisturizer, clay masks, etc. Take a look at Vivo Per Lei Dead Sea Mineral Exfoliating Gel and Blackhead Remover.

Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling Gel – Exfoliating Gel and Blackhead Remover

Cant Get to the Ocean? Why Not Bring it to Your Home?

Aside from the many healing properties for your skin and hair and body all over, salt water is also known to help ease stress and provide relief to your muscles and joints as well. And what better way to relax than with your own, homemade seawater bath?

But it’s best to know exactly what products to use to create your very own seawater bath.

Look for:

Dead Sea salts, which are derived specifically from the world-famous Dea Sea in Jordan.


Why Salt Water is so Beneficial for Your Skin?

Sea salt is a natural product that has many benefits for you and your skin!

It’s great if you have an infection, acne or dry scalp/dandruff. Use it every day to get rid of those symptoms as well as reducing the amount of sebum in oily skin. These are just some of the benefits of sea salt for skin!

If you’re experiencing sensitivity from seawater on your skin, try limiting your use and using it less frequently.

Overall, it should be safe for use on a daily basis for all skin types.




Featured Image by Poko Skincare via Unsplash

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