I Love to Love Candles!

Last year, I discovered the Seidr Candle. And I love it!

There are always candles around me. Preferably scented. Actually, always scented. No matter where I am. At home or traveling. Candles warm up any room. They are relaxing and create an ambiance in a very immediate way.

I guess you could call me something of a candle addict. Is that a thing?

Let me share my love of the Seidr Candle with you!

seidr artist candle
The ‘Artist’ Ritual Cauldron Candle

New to the market in 2020 are these beauties. I like to think of a Seidr Candle (pronounced say-der) as a hand made work of art. Each one housed in its very own cast-iron cauldron.

Seidr Candle owner and creator KarrieAnn Sillay describes them as a “tool for you to focus your mind while practising your craft”.

Seidr Candle was born out of a hobby. KarrieAnn started out by making candles for gifts. In fact, her friends encouraged her to turn that hobby into a business. KarrieAnn makes every piece herself.

It’s not difficult to appreciate the detailed preparation that goes into each candle. These pieces truly smell divine and look exquisite.

Create and Manifest with a Seidr Candle

Crystals and flower petals dress every candle. These elements are all tailored to go hand in hand with the intentions of the given candle.

Before being placed into the wax the crystals used are cleansed and charged. This way they arrive at their new homes clear of external energies and ready to aid their new owner’s intentions.

Seidr Mini Cauldron Candle
The ‘New Moon’ Ritual Mini Cauldron Candle

As the Seidr Candle burns, the crystals on top sink into the liquid soy wax. Deep breaths, ahhhhhhh. Soak it in!!!

Once a candle has been used up, you can save the crystals and for future use. However, be advised that any ‘candle intention’ of removing something from your life – well, those crystals from those candles should be disposed of.

What are Your Intentions?

Currently, there are 6 different varieties of Cauldron Candles to choose from. All with specific intentions, crystals and scents to complement their meaning.

And there are two ‘Mini’ cauldron candles titled ‘New Moon’ and ‘Full Moon’.

seidr artist candle alight
The ‘Artist’ Ritual Cauldron Candle alight

I chose the ‘Artist’ Ritual Candle as my first. And I look forward to it aiding in my creativity! Dressed with crystals such as sunstone, carnelian, goldstone, and tiger’s eye. The petals of the dried lily flower complete the dressings on the upper surface of the wax. And also, with the scents of bergamot and rosewood, it smells so good!

And finally the ‘Be Gone’ Tumbler. Designed to repel our insect friends. Perfect for both an indoor or outdoor setting at home. Dressed with peppermint, lemon verbena and clove and clear crystal quartz spires. Similarly, the citronella oil scent will aid in keeping the flies and mosquitoes away.

Seidr 'Be Gone' Tumbler Candle
The ‘Be Gone’ Ritual Candle Tumbler

Regardless of just how much or little you may follow the lore behind the cauldrons, they are beautiful pieces to have around the home. But if you are looking for a little guidance, or a new focus right now, this may be the perfect little something for you or someone you know.

A Seidr Candle feels very personalised. Created with love and care. Did I forget to mention that they are refillable? The website will give you further details about refilling.

Perhaps as my cauldron collection grows, I may pot some succulents in mine. I’m sure there are many great ways to recycle them around the house. Or just keep refilling!

How will you re-use your cauldrons after they fulfil their intentions?

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