Thank you, Spa Treatment, for the gifting of your HAS Aging Care i-Sheet. 

We all crave a little self-care. Especially on the weekends, right? But I’m sure somewhere, you have a spare 10 minutes for a Spa Treatment eye sheet mask.

I was anticipating not having ANY time to treat myself this weekend. And somehow, this little gem of a product has slotted into both Saturday and Sunday’s schedules with ease.

On opening, I love discovering the set of mini-tweezers. They allow access to the individual sheets, both with ease of use and hygiene in mind

I always place them under my eye from the center first and work it out to the sides; to find the best position and where it wants to sit happily. 

The sheets have quite an amount of stretch in them, so you will find where they want to sit effortlessly.

After 10 minutes, remove the sheets. You can pat in the remaining serum that on your skin to increase their effects afterwards.

Spa Treatment also recommends using the sheets around your mouth. I have not tried this yet, so I cannot vouch for its effects in that area. 

Needless to say, no talking if you’re going to apply them to outside your lip areas! Perhaps make a duet of it and apply a lip mask at the same time!

All the more reason to take 10 minutes. Go and put on some pleasant relaxation music, and make a mini-home treatment out of it for yourself!

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The Spa Treatment Eye Sheets are perfectly sized and proportioned to sit it right up under my lower lashes. But still, allow room on the outsides to cover my “crow’s feet” area. As soon as they are in place, the cooling effect is instantaneous. I force myself to lie down and chill for the 10 minutes recommended to keep the sheets on.

I like to put eye-masks in the fridge to increase their calming and “de-puffing” effects on the under-eye region at the best of times. But I really don’t think you have to with these. They feel so crisp and cool on the application.

The sheets aim to improve elasticity and lift to the under-eye area. They will also help smooth and dissolve the look of fine lines and decrease the puffiness we all want to avoid!

Things to note about the Spa Treatment HAS Aging Care i-Sheet:



•contains no coloring


•petroleum surfactant-free 

•contains 6 different types of collagen

•contains 5 blended types of hyaluronic acids

It also contains the current beauty “it” ingredient resveratrol derived from grapes. In Japan, it is also found in the kokemomo berry and its highest content, the Japanese Knotweed. 

Resveratrol will help provide a rich supply of moisturizing factors to help soften fine lines under the eyes, calm and reduce puffiness and hydrate an area that doesn’t want to be hydrated on its own.

eye sheet with lid open
Spa Treatment Eye Sheet with their Tweezer Set

The HAS in the title stands for Human Adipose-derived Stem cell extract

While stem cell-derived beauty products have been around for many years now, this is the first time I have used something when I have been aware of its presence going in.

And while I’m not sure how I feel about that just yet, it appears to be something we may see a great deal more of in the future, as is the obsession in our culture with always looking younger.

However, I notice that the skin under my eyes certainly looks less puffy and definitely more smooth than it did before popping these sheets on. 

In the meantime, more than anything, the experience of using and sharing this product has undoubtedly piqued my interest in learning more about stem cell use in the beauty industry.

If nothing else, I will definitely explore this avenue further to understand where it comes from and its efficacy. 

Now, it’s Sunday.  Go and take some time for yourself. Make a cup of tea, put on your favorite movie or music, and pop on your face mask or Spa Treatment eye sheets!

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