I have been using The Ordinary Concealer for a week now.

Admittedly, I only discovered this was a thing right before the product launch in January of this year. Needless to say, I was compelled to jump straight on the Ordinary bandwagon.

I bought a handful of colors within my color range.

My curiosity was just too great to let the opportunity of a brand new Ordinary Colour product slip through the cracks.

And now that a little time has passed, I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised.

The Ordinary Colour Range

Keeping in step with the ranges of both Serum and Coverage Foundation Ranges, The Ordinary Concealer is also presented in the same color categorization.

For those unfamiliar few among us, The Ordinary lineup consists of a simple labelling system that starts with the numbers 1 – 4.

Products numbered 1 being the lightest and 4 being the darkest. The second digit then categorizes the color further in ranking of lightness from 0 – 4.

For example 1.0 is going to be lighter than 1.3.

And then, the final means of categorising comes in the form of letters. So within each number, the letters signify the tone of each product. By means of the letters Y, P, N, R or S.

  • Y is for Yellow
  • P is for Pink (in shades 1, 2 and 3)
  • N is for Neutral
  • R is for Red (in shades 3 and 4)
  • S is for Silver

And now you know your Ordinary A, B, C’s!!!!!

With this system in place, there is definitely something for everyone.

And as I always recommend, if you’re interested in trying these makeup products for yourself or for your makeup kit, it’s worth getting the products on either side of your chosen color and tone. It allows for you to warm up your complexion, or lighten if you need to in the colder months of the year.

This is one of the truly beautiful things about buying a good product that is as affordable as The Ordinary. You can have 5 different colors and it is probably going to cost you the same as just one product of a high-end makeup brand.


My current selection of The Ordinary Concealers


The Ordinary Concealer Product Itself

So, let’s take a look at exactly what this concealer is all about.

Described on their website as a High Spreadability Pigment Suspension System with Very High Coverage. And I would have to say that this pretty much hits the nail on the head.

It’s presented in a compact, easy to use tube, so effectively you can pop the tube to your under eye area, and squeeze. Then press it out using your fingers and blend to your heart’s content.

A little really goes a long way. And yes, The Ordinary Concealer truly is coverage of the highest as described.

If you were stuck for a quick tattoo cover on your wrist, for example, this concealer would probably do the trick – if you were caught short for a last minute cover-up.

The Ordinary Concealer Colors

Aside from having a high opacity level, these concealers also contain a lot of white pigment in them.

And this explains why the concealer color appearance is even lighter than it’s Foundation counterpart.

I believe this is a conscious decision by The Ordinary, considering that it is a popular notion that the under eye area be somewhat highlighted. And while this is an incredibly popular technique in make today, it is worth discussing further.

I want to point out that if you do find your ideal shade, and intend on using it for all of your concealing (not exclusively the under eye area) then it should be noted that perhaps you should invest in a shade (or two) darker than your ideal under eye concealer tone.

You may end up highlighting your spots, or raised bumps that you’re trying to conceal, instead of concealing them. Basically by using too light a shade, you may do more harm than good.

The Ordinary Concealer Likes/Dislikes


I like that it has coverage that packs a punch.

I have been using it on it’s own. Due to the fact that for 8 – 16 hours a day I wear a mask and faceshield at work, I like knowing that the makeup I put on in the morning is going to stay on!

And this concealer does.

I also like that it doens’t settle in the creases around my eyes. Yep, I’m in my early 40’s now. And in recent years, my skin has begun to remind me of that number.

I honestly don’t mind, but makeup seems to.

And unless I remember to moisturise more than twice a day, most foundations tend to get dry and can become crepey over the course of a long day at work.

But interestingly enough, this concealer does not get crepey, crackly or separate.

And it lasts. All day.


The simple, no frills style of The Ordinary. Love it.



So far, I have to say there are no dislikes.

I will be adding the range of colors to my professional kit, as I particularly like using The Ordinary for my background day-checker kit. So I look forward to using the product on other people, with different skin tones to my own.

So watch this space as I get to play with a wider range of the colors.

I guess for some, the lack of doe-footed sponge inside the casing may be an issue.

It isn’t for me at all. Due in no small part to the fact that I always decant products out onto a mixing palette. Or if using on myself, onto a brush, finger.

So far, so great, I say!


The Ordinary Foundation Makeup

Want to find out more about The Ordinary Foundation? Well, you’ve come to the right place!


How much?

Currently, The Ordinary Concealer retails for a hair under $6.00. Pretty amazing. And as I mentioned, for such an affordable price point, it’s worth picking up a few shades that are close to the one you settle on for yourself.

You’d be surprised to learn how often our skin tone and color can change.

Where Can I Get The Ordinary Concealer?

It’s your best bet to always buy your The Ordinary products straight from the horse’s mouth. In the past, they have been known to advise that they do not sell on Amazon.

So beware that if you do see The Ordinary pop-up on Amazon, it’s probably through a third-party seller, and you just never know. Sometimes they hike the price up, sometimes it may not be an original product.

So head on over to The Ordinary’s product list on the Deciem website and seek out the Concealers there.

And let me know what you think by commenting below!

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